I write and design adventure scenarios (aka modules) for tabletop roleplaying games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons). To date, all such published adventures can be found in Dungeon magazine (one of the official publications of Dungeons and Dragons). Here you can find material related to these published adventures.

Beneath the Dust

"Beneath the Dust" is a 4th edition Dark Sun D&D adventure designed for characters of 7th to 9th levels. Characters seek a primordial tree of life, a prize of inestimable value to both preservers and defilers. It lies somewhere in the barren desert, under all the protection that the primal spirits can muster for it. Those seeking it will face monsters of the desert, undead guardians, thri-kreen raiders, and a ghostly protector on their path to the tree. And they're not alone; with stakes as high as these, there's bound to be more than one player in the game.

Get the adventure text: To get the adventure from Dungeon  #187 click here (you'll need a D&D Insider subscription).

Get the draft Maptool campaign: I include here a draft version of my draft Maptool campaign file.  Maptool is a virtual gaming table. This campaign file uses maptool version 1.3b84. It contains only my original map drafts before they were professionally produced for the published module -- there is no text included in this file. I share it in case its useful for any GMs running the adventure via Maptool.

The Isle of Death

"The Isle of Death" is a 4th edition D&D Dark Sun adventure designed for characters of 8th to 10th levels. It can be used as a sequel to "Beneath the Dust". The adventurers must find a suitable place to plant a precious seed of life that the party has previously acquired. They travel to a remote island in the Sea of Silt to plant the seed far from the influence of the sorcerer-kings. Once on the island, they find that it is not as uninhabited as they had been led to believe.

Get the adventure text: To get the adventure from Dungeon  #202 click here (you'll need a D&D Insider subscription).

Get suitable pre-generated characters: Here are some pre-generated characters suitable for either "Beneath the Dust" or "The Isle of Death". They are not optimized either for the adventure or in general but rather are based on characters from the 3.5 Dark Sun campaign I GM.